New Blood Group Found In India INRA Rare Blood Group Coltal

New blood group INRA

A new blood group is found in India, in the state of Gujarat. A person is identified with rare blood group. The doctors have named this group as INRA, where the first 2 words represent India and the next two represent the person name.

The blood donor lives in Surat, Gujarat. This is  identified for the first time, when the person is donating the blood in a camp. The blood sample was tested in the local labs by doctor shanmukh joshi and his team, as they identified the blood group very different, they sent it to WHO.

WHO has tested and confirmed that such blood is new and for the first time found in India. Now the doctors in Surat say that this blood group is unique and can’t mix with others like A, B, AB and O.

In Medical Terms this type of blood group persons called as "coltal". this INRA Blood group persons con't recive blood from the others as well as con't donate to others. these type of persons only 7 in all over the world

India also had a history where it found "Bombay" blood group and now another one named as INRA. "Bombay" blood group persons are only one out of every 7000 people.


  1. What are the antigens and anti body present in it? How is it different in it's composition?

    1. research continuing we will update the further information

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  4. really nice for micro students..

  5. This is great for every one, to be a creative and motivated by the achievement of scientists in all of the world.